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Latest News of Arshavin, Chamakh, Squillaci and Almunia braced for Emirates exit  - View Latest News of Arshavin, Chamakh, Squillaci and Almunia braced for Emirates exit  - Arsene Wenger will enter phase two of his quest to offload Arsenal's dead wood next month after watching his understudies disappoint in Greece.

Andrey Arshavin, Marouane Chamakh and Sebastien Squillaci are among the players to be put up for sale, while Manuel Almunia and fellow goalkeeper Vito Mannone will also be allowed to leave.

Out of sorts: Arsenal's Marouane Chamakh

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Sebastian Squillaci has had an absolute howler of a first season at Arsenal and has immediately been put into the minds of the fans and possibly the players that he was a bad buy and not a good defender. In my opinion, he is a half decent defender he just doesn’t fit into Arsenal’s style of play due to his lack of pace and with Arsenal’s high defensive line you can’t afford to be slow. That said, however, he as made some bad defending decisions this season that were not affected by the high defensive line and he has even scored an own goal. Wouldn’t mind seeing the back of him.

Tomas Rosicky is an interesting case, he had a great first season with Arsenal in 2006 after the world cup, in which he also performed superbly in. However, he has been plagued with injuries which has affected his football badly, as has been apparent this season where he seems to be slightly rusty. Arsenal wouldn’t suffer much if he left and doesn’t really features in Wenger’s plans for the future anyway. So a nice bit of cash handed over for him and the fans’ll be happy.

Andrei Arshavin is another interesting one, he had an electrifying debut season with Arsenal and in one match which I’m sure you all remember he scored all four of Arsenal’s goals in a lively 4-4 draw with Liverpool. In many people’s views, this season he hasn’t turned up, I couldn’t disagree more not only did he score the winning goal against Barcelona, the best team in the world but he has also got the third most assists in the Premier League. I would like to see him stay at Arsenal unless an ‘unturndownable’ offer made is made.

Abou Diaby has had an injury plagued career and for this reason he could be heading for the exit this summer. When 
he gets a a good run of games he is great in midfield, but this very rarely happens so we may not have ever seen his best, who knows? I’d like to see him stay at Arsenal for one more season, but if he’s injured or doesn’t perform we should sell him next summer.

Nicklas Bendtner seems to think he’s the best player in the world, if only he was, he’s not even the best player at 
Arsenal let alone the world, but the confidence he has is probably passed on to his team mates which can’t be a bad thing. He definitely has talent but does he have enough to be a first team player at Arsenal? The likely answer to that is no. If he wants lots of first team football he should leave, because he’s not guaranteed it at Arsenal.

Gael Clichy had some big shoes to step into after Ashley Cole’s departure, (as much as i hate to say it) one of the best left backs in the world. He stepped up to the plate and was an absolute revelation in his first seasons. However, of late he seems to be getting complacent and his defensive awareness is awful, always playing opposition players onside. Rumours have been saying that he is refusing to sign a contract and he only has one year left on his current deal so it would be better to let him go this summer than for free next summer. Wouldn’t mind him going as long as we got a good replacement as Gibbs isn’t good enough to be an important first team player at the moment, hopefully he will be in the future though.

Emmanuel Eboue is another interesting case, he’s definitely had his ups and downs with Arsenal and this season he might just have hit rock bottom when he gave away a penalty in injury time (the 12th minute!) against Liverpoolwhich Kuyt then scored to make it level and the game ended 1-1, putting a large dent in Arsenal’s title hopes and from there it’s all gone downhill. He does seem like quite an error prone player which is never good, however his huge amount of confidence and comedy must surely rub off on him team-mates in a similar way  too Bendtner. Still a likely departure though and I’m sure a lot of Arsenal fans would welcome it.

Manuel Almunia is another of the most likely departures and this season, with the emergence of Szczesny, seeing him go from no.1 in the pecking order to no.3 of possibly no.4 and with Lehmann saying that he could stay on for another year, his career at Arsenal seems to have ended. He will probably get sold to a mid-table Spanish team. Not exactly a fans’ favourite either, so I’m sure no one would mind seeing him leave.

Denilson has recently come out to say that he wants to leave Arsenal and he decided this 8 months ago due to Arsenal’s ‘trophylessness’ , he doesn’t seem to have much of a winning mentality either then does he?, giving up at the beginning of the season before we’ve even had the opportunity to win anything. Felt sorry for him before because of the amount of abuse he received from Arsenal fans, now I’m not so understandingand it’s not as if he’s the most talented player at Arsenal, rarely plays a pass that isn’t left, right or behind.  Would happily see him walk out of Arsenal, a transfer fee would be a nice bonus.

Marouane Chamakh is a player that I would like to see stay at Arsenal, he’s great to have as a replacement striker, he’s showed that he can score goals, leading our charts while Van Persie was injured, and is better than Bendtner in my opinion, and seeing as he only came in at the beginning of this season we have no idea how good he’ll be once he’s fully settled. Deserves a chance. However, if he does go we’ll be sure to get a large profit margin seeing as we got him for free.

Cesc Fabregas is Arsenal’s most famous player. We ‘nabbed’ him from the renowned Barca academy in 2003 and his since become our most important and valuable player however for the past 2 seasons he has been heavily linked with his childhood club and is seen as a long term replacement for Xavi. He could go for around £60 million whichwould give Wenger more than enough money to find a suitable replacement. Obviously I don’t want Cesc to go but is it inevitable? I think so. Better to let him go now for a high price than later for a low price. Wenger will be obliged to buy a quality player with Cesc’s transfer fee and if he doesn’t the fans will be after his head, more than they are already. He could leave this season or next season in my opinion to replace Xavi, whichever one he might no be a part of Arsenal for much longer, sadly.

Samir Nasri has probably been Arsenal’s best player this season, carrying the team on his shoulders through parts of it, he got to wear the captains armband this season on numerous occasions as well. However, if the (unlikely0 rumours are true that he’s not signing a new contract, it may be best that he leaves this summer for a very large transfer fee than next summer for free. Would hate to see him leave though.

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