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16 Team Member 2012 | European Cup - View Team Member 2012 | European Cup complete already 16 countries who will compete in the European Cup 2012, after fourteams carried off the ticket of the phase playoffs.Germany, Russia, Italy, France, Holland, Greece, Britain, Denmark and Spain qualify for the Poland-Ukraine next summer, with the champion status of each group. 16 Team Member 2012 | European Cup : Top Footbal News.

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16 STATE OF EUROPE Cup qualification 2012 : FINAL ROUND TEAM PARTICIPANTS Euro 2012 | football event between blue states in the continent has finally passed the 16 countries that participated in the 2012 European Cup finals. Final round to be held in the summer of 2012 passed all seeded teams such as Germany England, Francis. The defending champions Spain are determined to defend his title as the champions of Europein the coming year. 2012 European Cup to be held in two countries, namely Poland andUkraine. Here are the 16 countries that qualify for European Cup 2012 or the participantswho entered the finals of Euro 2012.

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Sweden managed to follow the nine teams and the two hosts were to pass directly to thetitle next year with the best runners-up title. The four remaining tickets must be contested inany phase of the playoffs.After undergoing two-leg playoff phase, four tickets were already getting their respective owners in the party's second leg on Wednesday (11/16/2011) pm dawn.Croatia, who are faced with Turkey, it's 0-0 draw against his opponent in the second leg towin 3-0 aggregate. Republic of Ireland, against Estonia, also drew 1-1 in the second leg toqualify 5-1 on aggregate.One of Europe's leading teams, Portugal, must ketar-ketir result score 0-0 in the first leg,before finally won a landslide victory over Bosnia-Herzegovina 6-2 in the second leg. Oneother ticket won the Czech Republic with an aggregate 3-0 win over Montenegro.

Participant teams following the 2012 European Cup:
  1. Ukraine
  2. Poland
  3. Spain
  4. Netherlands
  5. German
  6. Sweden
  7. English
  8. Greece
  9. French
  10. Denmark
  11. Russia
  12. Italy
  13. Czech Republic
  14. Croatia
  15. Ireland
  16. Portugal


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