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8 Interesting Facts Derby Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid | Top Football News - View Interesting Facts Derby Real Madrid vs Atletico MadridDerby matches always involves hot competition from both teams, not to mention that brings the Derby Madrid Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.Although Atletico's achievements are lame now compared with rivals. But they are the true ruler of La Liga in 1940 until the early 1960s. And once again facing each other, there are many unique facts relating to the derby later, including 8 facts below 8 Interesting Facts Derby Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid : Top Football News.

8 Fakta Menarik Derby Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid

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  1. The first meeting of the two clubs occurred in the 1928/1929 season. Madrid can win twice this season. Atletico conquer with the score 2-1 at home and 3-0 away in the cross beam.
  2. From a total of 146 meetings in the league. Madrid is much more to get the victory. Recorded is 80 subvert Atletico Madrid and scored 262 goals. Meanwhile, Atletico only managed to win 35 times and scored 197 goals.
  3. Judging from the culture of supporters of both teams. The second meeting of the club can be likened to a meeting of two different social classes. Madrid supporters dominated by people who are wallowing in wealth. In contrast, Atletico fans more from the working class.
  4. Judging from history, Atletico were initially closer to the Spanish government. But everything changed when General Franco, the Spanish authorities the late 1930s until the early 1970s dropped the choice to Real Madrid. Success Los Blancos grabbed the Champions League trophy five times in succession, making the general prefer Madrid, saying "Real Madrid is the best representative of the Spanish-owned." Cash only it was criticized by Atletico Madrid, who then gave the nickname "the club of government (foul ) embarrassed the Spanish maker. "
  5. 11 season Atletico have failed to get full points at the Santiago Bernabeu. In a total of 71 game that was held at the headquarters of the Los Blancos, it's been carved out Real Madrid's 48 victories. While Atletico recorded 12 away games against Real Madrid. Last time, Atletico victory occurred in the 1999/2000 season.
  6. Atletico players Aderlado is the most widely played in the derby with a record of performing as much as 27 times. While in Madrid camp, there Paco Gento who competed 29 times facing the local rivals. Meanwhile, Carlos Santillana's name appears as the top scorer with 13 goals.
  7. There are some players who have played for both teams. Call services, Hugo Sanchez, Bernd Schuster, Juan Eduardo Esnaider, Pedro Jaro, Santiago Solari, and Jose Antonio Reyes. Reyes defended Madrid on loan from Arsenal before eventually returning to Spain to play with Atletico Madrid.
  8. Real Madrid legend Raul Gonzalez is true Atletico player. Raul was playing for Atletico Madrid's youth team, but due to the President at that time, Jesus Gil, who closed the Atletico youth academy. Eventually moved to Real Madrid's Raul, who makes ironic is Raul's first goal for Atletico Madrid have printed to the derby in early November 1994.

Madrid derby is always interesting to watch. Is Madrid is able to continue its dominance of city rivals Atletico? We'll see.>>>


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